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UK Parliamentary election (general election)

The Bedford Borough area is divided into three Parliamentary constituencies, these are: Bedford, North East Bedfordshire and Mid Bedfordshire. There is one Member of Parliament per constituency.

Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected to Parliament for a five year period.

However, the Government may hold a Parliamentary election at any time within the five year period.  

All MPs are elected at the same time. If a seat falls vacant between the elections, then a by-election is held in that constituency.

The most recent general election was held in December 2019.

Borough Council elections

Bedford Borough Council has 40 elected Borough Councillors each representing 1 of 27 Wards within the Bedford Borough Area. Electors vote for the candidates who are standing for the ward they are registered within. 

The next Borough Council elections will take place in 2023.

Local Mayoral election

Mayoral elections in the UK use the Supplementary Vote (SV) system. Under SV, voters select their first and second choices from the list of candidates.

Bedford Borough Council is one of 16 councils in the country to have a directly elected Mayor.

Parish Council elections

Parish Councils are responsible for services such as allotments, bus shelters, cemeteries, community centres, footpaths, public clocks, public conveniences, recreation facilities and war memorials.

Each Parish Council covers a small area – usually about one or two villages. Elections are held every four years. If a seat falls vacant between the elections, then a by-election may be held in that parish.

Police and Crime Commissioner election

Police and Crime Commissioners replaced local police authorities in 2012. Police and Crime Commissioners are responsible for holding the police to account for the public.

The election for the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner will take place on 6 May 2021.