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Mayoral election results 2009

Bedford Borough Council - Mayoral Election 

Statement as to First Preference Votes: 15 October 2009

First Preference Votes Results
1 AKHTAR, Parvez 9,105
2 BAGCHI, Apu 7,631
3 HARE, Tony  4,316
4 HODGSON, Dave 9,428
5 ROBINSON-MORLEY, Eve   1,183
6 VALENTINE, James   3,482

The Returning Officer declared that as no candidate has an overall majority of first preference votes the two highest scoring candidates, namely Parvez Akhtar and Dave Hodgson will remain in the contest and the second preference votes cast on the other valid ballot papers will be examined.

Any second choice votes cast for Parvez Akhtar or Dave Hodgson will be allocated to those candidates.  (51(3)(b))

Statement as to First and Second Preference Votes: 15 October 2009

The Returning Officer for the Mayoral Election held on 15 October 2009 in the Borough of Bedford, stated that after the count of second preference votes, the number of votes recorded for each remaining candidate was as follows:

First Preference votes (53(2)(a))

Second Preference votes for candidates remaining after the count of first preference votes (53(2)(b))

Total number of votes remaining after the count of second preference votes (53(2)(c))

1 AKHTAR, Parvez 9,105 2,438 11,543
2 HODGSON, Dave 9,428 4,127 13,555

And he declared that the said Dave Hodgson was duly elected Mayor for the Borough of Bedford.  (54(1))

Dated: 16 October 2009

Philip Simpkins

Returning Officer