Weights and measures

Almost all goods are sold by some reference to quantity.

Weight given in grams describes foods like bread and fruit.

Measures such as pints for beer and litres for petrol, are standard throughout the UK.

We regularly check the accuracy of scales, spirit measuring instruments, petrol pumps and other weights and measures equipment used by shops and businesses in Bedford Borough to ensure residents can have confidence in their purchases.

Measuring instruments and equipment which pass accuracy tests are stamped to show they have been verified.

How to report a problem with weights and measures

You should contact Citizens Advice to report a problem with weights and measures. You don’t need to call us directly, they will send details of your report to Bedford Borough Council Trading Standards on your behalf.

Report a problem with weights and measures

Enforcing weights and measures legislation

As part of our role in enforcing weights and measures legislation, we also:

  • check products already in the shops to ensure correct weight or measure
  • check products when they are being manufactured or imported to ensure correct weight or measure
  • investigate complaints of incorrect measure

If you are a business and you weigh or measure goods to sell to consumers you must ensure that the equipment you use is suitable and accurate.

For more in depth advice go directly to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute's Business Companion website.