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Tenders and contracts

To provide current and prospective suppliers with the basic information they need to deal with Bedford Borough Council, which became a unitary authority on 1st April 2009.  

Procurement can be defined as ’the end to end process to prepare for and acquire or commission goods, works and/or services on the best possible terms, in the right quantity and quality, at the right time, in the right place for the direct or indirect benefit or use of the Council and its taxpayers of Bedford Borough by means of a contract’.

Procurement decisions are important because we have a duty to maximise Value for Money in providing high-quality services to our community. The Council’s reputation must also be protected from any allegation of dishonesty or corruption in spending public money.

Devolved procurement structure

The Council operates a devolved procurement function.

Service Departments are principally responsible for day-to-day procurement, including:

  • tenders, requests for quotations and sourcing
  • raising purchase orders (POs) and resolving invoice queries
  • managing contracts and suppliers

Procurement is coordinated by the Commercial Hub team, which supports Service Departments in securing best value from their procurement activity, and will also:

  • manage certain corporate contracts
  • provide management information on procurement expenditure and contractual commitments
  • analyse our procurement activity and identify potential cost and efficiency savings
  • oversee development of procurement systems so as to increase efficiency and stimulate competition for Council business

Further information

If you are already in touch with the Council, please direct any specific enquiries to your current contacts.

Enquiries of a general nature, or relating to this website, should be directed to

Further details of our approach to procurement can be viewed at:

To help businesses to learn about public procurement and how to bid for public sector contracts, have a look at GOV.UK's Sell goods or services to the public sector