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Report an accident at work

All businesses must have arrangements in place to deal with accidents, and to identify their causes.

The law requires certain work-related injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive. This is to allow us or the Health and Safety Executive to investigate the matter fully. 

There is a national process for Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) accidents, incidents or illnesses.

To find out if an accident, incident or illness at your work place should be reported and to make a report, go to the HSE RIDDOR website.  

Some incidents must be reported by calling 0845 300 9923 as soon as possible, including:

  • death or major injury to an employee or self-employed person working on your premises
  • death or hospitalisation of a member of the public
  • disease suffered by an employee that is related to work activities
  • dangerous occurrence that does not result in a reportable injury but which clearly could have done

If an accident means the injured person needs to take more than seven days off work, you must report it within 15 days of the accident.

Either the HSE, or ourselves as the enforcing authority, may investigate the accident and advise the business on how to reduce the risk of injury, ill-health and accidental loss in the future.

In some cases they will take enforcement action.