Food poisoning advice

Food poisoning is caused by eating or drinking food which is contaminated by bacteria or viruses, or by chemicals or toxins.

There is usually no way of telling if food is contaminated. Foods most commonly associated with food poisoning are meat and poultry, shellfish, rice, eggs and dairy.

Reporting food poisoning

If you think you have experienced food poisoning as a result of eating at a food business based in Bedford Borough, please let us know.

Contact us on to tell us if you or someone you know has experienced food poisoning. 

You will need to have confirmation from a doctor that you have had food poisoning and we may need to contact you to ask further questions such as:

  • what and where you’ve eaten prior to your illness
  • details of your symptoms
  • have you spent time in a different country (for holiday or work)
  • whether anybody else who ate with you has also experienced symptoms

We will then carry out an investigation to establish where the contaminated food was prepared and sold.

Preventing food poisoning 

Information on preventing food poisoning is available on the NHS Choices website.