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How we pay contractors

Payment terms are normally set out in the contract documents, but they may be stage payments, annual / quarterly / monthly payments or payment on completion.

Payment is usually within 30 days of receipt of a correct invoice, unless otherwise agreed.

To ensure that your payment is dealt with efficiently and to avoid delays, please ensure that you:

  • submit the invoice in the format agreed in the contract;
  • quote the purchase order number and / or contract title;
  • address it to the correct officer and location;
  • ensure that it adds up correctly;
  • include as much information as possible about what the payment is for;
  • only include requests for payment of supplied goods or services;

The Council makes payment by Cheque or BACS or Purchasing Cards. The use of BACS ensures that the payment goes directly into the contractors / suppliers bank account. BACS is the Council's preferred method. Purchasing Cards are presently only available for certain purchases.