Become an Expert Witness DPS provider

Bedford Borough Council has a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for providers of Independent Social Work and Expert Witness Services. 

Our Children’s Social Care department works with families to enable children to live safe from harm within their family and the community wherever possible.

For a small number of children and their parents, additional support will be necessary to protect them from abuse and neglect and to provide them with support and services so that they can have the same opportunities as all children and young people.

We are inviting potential suppliers to tender to join our Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Independent Social Work and Expert Witness Services.

How the DPS works

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is similar to a framework agreement, except it remains open at all times for bids from new providers. Dynamic Purchasing Systems are used exclusively by public sector organisations.

By bidding for and subsequently being on-boarded to a DPS, providers will join the shortlist of companies used by the Council for these services. At such time as a specific piece of work is required, a request for quotes will be issued to these providers only.

The DPS is split into three lots:

  • Lot 1: Independent Psychological and Psychiatric Assessments
  • Lot 2: Independent Social Work Assessments
  • Lot 3: Parenting Assessments including PAMS and ParentAssess

We are happy to receive bids for any or all lots of the DPS. Please make sure that you have read and understood the requirements set out in the Invitation to Tender documents (including but not limited to the Specification of Services) and the DPS Agreement, which sets out the terms under which the contract will operate.

Unlike most tenders, no qualitatively assessed written response is required. By signing the contract, providers undertake to abide by the quality standards described in the Specification.

In addition, no fixed pricing is required at initial bid stage. Instead, this will be submitted at the point of Mini Competition – when we request bids from our list of appointed providers for a specific piece of work. The initial process for on-boarding is therefore quick and easy to do. 

How to apply

Please submit applications via In-Tend our tendering portal.

Registration is free and takes just a few minutes. When complete, you will be able to access the ITT documents for the above opportunity. Use the tender reference: BBC CH 01365.

Contact our Support team by emailing

If you have problems using the portal please email