Residential covenants

Some properties in Bedford Borough, owned by us or built on land we owned, might have covenants attached to their freehold title. This means there may be a restriction of use and certain types of development that their owners may carry out.

In most circumstances, we may be prepared to relax these covenants subject to payment of an administration fee.

When the need for a relaxation of the covenant arises, the Property Services Department will identify whether the application is in respect of works, activities or changes to be carried out or if done retrospectively.

They will investigate whether the proposed relaxation of covenant is acceptable and if it is, they will write to the property owner, advising them of their current or intended ‘breach’, request plans identifying the proposed works and the relevant administration fee.

When the relevant fee is paid, the Property Services Department will issue a letter confirming that the Council has consented to the relaxation of the covenant.

If the fee is not paid, the covenant is not relaxed.

Residential covenant relaxation fees 2023

  • Relaxation of covenant in advance of proposed works £119.79 (£143.75 inclusive of VAT).
  • Fast Track (response within one working day)* £354.71 (£425.65 inclusive of VAT).
  • Retrospective consent £237.21 (£284.65 inclusive of VAT).

* One business working day from receipt of full documentation and cheque. Response will be by email or fax.

Cheques should be made payable to Bedford Borough Council.

Please complete a Residential Covenant Relaxation application form (PDF) to apply for residential covenant relaxation.

Once completed please email it to: or post to:

Property Services
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP