Property to let

Current vacant properties

Find the list of current vacant properties.

The Council has a large portfolio of commercial properties located throughout the Borough that are available to let on competitive terms.

Industrial estates

We have Industrial Estates at Murdock RoadSinger Way and Brooklands, providing units ranging in size from 60 square metres (650 square feet) to 650 square metres (7000 square feet).

Neighbourhood shopping centres

We have 9 neighbourhood shopping centres situated throughout Bedford Borough. These were constructed as part of residential estate developments throughout the Borough and each serve a small geographical catchment area.

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Town centre shops

We have a number of shops located around the town centre at Greenhill Street, Greyfriars, Castle Lane and the Howard Shopping Centre.

The Howard Centre is a covered shopping mall in the centre of Bedford with 14 individual shop units ranging from 45 square metres (485 square feet) to 2000 square metres (22,000 square feet).

Agricultural property

The Council has 728 hectares (1,800 acres) of rural/agricultural land that includes smallholdings, woodland, agricultural and grazing land. The majority of this is let on long term agreements. Vacant land does not become available very often.

We are members of the Commercial Landlords Accreditation Scheme (CLAS).This is a self-regulatory scheme that promotes good practice in the commercial property industry. For further information please contact us or download the CLAS Scheme Postcard (PDF). 

As members of the scheme we have also adopted the Code for Leasing Business Premises 2007. This is a government backed Code, which sets out how a landlord should conduct themselves in the negotiation and drafting of leases. This is an important document which you should read before entering into a lease.