Hardship and local discounts

Hardship relief

The Council has discretionary powers to award rate relief where it is satisfied that:

  • (i) The ratepayer would suffer hardship if no rate relief was awarded, and
  • (ii) It is reasonable to grant hardship relief having regard to the interests of local Council taxpayers.

The Council has agreed a policy for the use of its discretionary powers to award rate relief. Under this policy hardship rate relief will only be granted in very exceptional circumstances and any ratepayer wishing to apply for relief must provide comprehensive information about the business's financial circumstances.

How to apply for hardship relief

Please read the Discretionary Rate Relief Policy (PDF) before submitting an application.

Download a hardship relief application form (PDF).

Local rate relief 

The Council has a general power to award discretionary rate relief to any ratepayer. It has agreed a Discretionary Rate Relief Policy (PDF) for using this power.

Applications for rate relief under this part of the policy will normally only be considered favourably where the Council is satisfied that an award will result in tangible benefits to local residents and in particular where the award will directly result in attracting businesses, investment or jobs to the local area.

Any ratepayer wishing to apply to the Council for local rate relief should refer to the Council's Discretionary Rate Relief Policy (PDF) for information on the application process and the circumstances in which the award of the relief will be considered.