Correct a birth registration

Find out how to make a correction to a birth registration and get information on when you must re-register a birth. You will also find information on other types of certificates.

Make a change to a birth registration record

It will cost between £83 and £99 to apply to correct a mistake on a birth registration record. You will need to complete a correction application form and provide evidence that the information currently on the birth certificate is wrong. 

You can find how to apply to correct a birth registration here.

There will be an £12.50 fee to pay for each certificate, once your correction has been approved and completed. This payment needs to be made to the local register office where the birth took place. 

DNA testing

There are occasions where a DNA test is required to correct details on a birth certificate. The Registration Service will only accept DNA tests from government accredited testing companies.

Re-registering a birth

You must re-register a birth if you wish to add the natural father's details or following the marriage or civil partnership of the natural parents. Please select the appropriate link below to download, complete and sign the relevant application form:

Once the parents have completed and signed the relevant form, please send it, together with the documents specified on the form to:

Bedford Register Office
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

We will contact you and arrange an appointment to complete the re-registration once authority has been granted.

Mother and second female parent have married / entered into civil partnership after the birth

If the mother has married or formed a civil partnership with the child's second female parent, after the birth has been registered, the birth will need to re-registered. 

You will need to contact the General Register Office (GRO) to get the relevant forms. The completed forms and supporting documentation will then need to be submitted to GRO who will authorise the re-registration. Once it has been authorised, the re-registration will be carried out at the Register Office. 

For more information, please contact GRO on 0300 123 1837. 


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