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Register a birth

We are currently contacting parents who had an appointment in March or April which was cancelled due to the lockdown so the registration of babies born in February and March this year are given priority as they have been unable to register since birth registrations were suspended by the Government on 23 March.

If your baby was born in April, May, June or July appointments will resume shortly. Please check these pages regularly as this will be updated to show when services offered have changed or resumed.

A claim for child benefit or universal credit may, during this period can be made prior to the birth being registered, where this had not been done because of these measures.

No penalty will be incurred for births not registered within the statutory 42 day period.

If you reside in Central Bedfordshire you may wish to contact Central Bedfordshire Council Registration Service to complete a “declaration” of your baby's birth, which they will post to us.

Order a birth certificate copy

You can request a copy of a birth certificate copy here. 

Please do NOT apply here for a certificate for a birth which has not yet been registered

Standard postage delivery only, no collection. We are NOT offering any priority service.

Please be aware that our certificate application service may be withdrawn without notice.

Request a copy of a birth certificate

Other types of certificates 

Making changes to the record or certificate

You can correct some information on a birth certificate:

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