For developers - providing bins for new builds

Developers of new residential housing must provide suitable storage areas for domestic general rubbish and recyclable waste which is convenient for both residents and collection crews.

We recommend you consult with us in the initial planning stages about the provision of rubbish and recycling storage facilities to decide the best solution.

Technical Guidance: Waste and Recycling in New Developments (PDF) outlines the requirements for waste provision and servicing in new developments. 

Waste and Recycling Operational Policies (PDF) states all of our current policies on waste management.

Contact the Waste Services team.

Providing bin storage areas for housing

Houses should be provided with space to store three standard-sized wheelie bins as follows:

  • 180 litres of general rubbish bin capacity
  • 240 litres of recycling bin capacity
  • 240 litres of garden waste bin capacity

Enough space should be provided for bins to be stored within a property boundary away from public highways.

There should also be easy access so bins can be pulled out to the highway or designated point for collection. 

Order standard household bins for a single new dwelling

Waste management information for developers of flats

Developers of all new residential flats must provide suitable and appropriate storage areas for domestic refuse and recyclable waste, which is accessible for both residents and collection crews.

Developers should consult with us on the provision of, and access to, waste storage facilities at the initial planning stage to avoid future problems.

Where it is not practical to provide separate bins for each household, provision should be made communally for shared bins for both waste and recycling. The total minimum volume of bin storage for each dwelling proposed should be calculated at the rate of:

  • 180 litres of storage for refuse
  • 240 litres of storage of recyclables
  • 240 litre of storage of garden waste (where applicable)

A bin storage area should provide enough space for the required number of bins plus space for them to be easily accessed by residents and manoeuvred by collection crews.

Further information regarding waste provision and servicing for flats is available in Technical Guidance: Waste and Recycling in New Developments (PDF).

How to order bins for new flats

For developments where there is no space for individual bins or where bins are to be kept in a communal bin store area, communal non-standard bins need to be purchased by the developer from the Council a minimum of two weeks prior to properties becoming inhabited.

To order bins for your property/development, email

As part of the process of ordering bins, the team will also ensure that your property/development is added to our collection schedules and provide you with posters for communal bin areas as well as information packs to distribute to your tenants.

For advice and/or to notify us of new premises which need to begin receiving waste and recycling collections email