Time Gardens at Bedford’s Russell Park to become a vibrant sensory garden

Time Gardens

Bedford Borough Council is pleased to announce an exciting new project to refurbish the Time Gardens at Russell Park, turning it into a vibrant sensory garden. This initiative marks a significant collaboration between the Council's Parks and Open Space Team and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Team, along with the East London Foundation NHS Trust, and the Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum.

The project, supported by £40,000 in funding secured through the East London Foundation NHS Trust, aims to transform the central section of the Time Gardens into a serene sensory oasis. Working with the existing modernist design, the refurbishment will retain the garden's distinctive coloured pathways while enhancing the space to provide a sensory-rich environment for relaxation and engagement with nature.

Highlighting the community involvement in the project, the refurbished garden will feature predominantly pollinator-friendly planting and incorporate bug hotels. Notably, some bug hotels have been crafted through an event organised by the Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum, emphasising the collaborative spirit driving this initiative.

"We are excited to bring this project to life, not only rejuvenating the Time Gardens but also creating a welcoming space where individuals of all abilities can unwind and connect with nature," said Claire Pick, Environmental Development and Viability Officer at Bedford Borough Council.

She continued, "This collaboration underscores our commitment to inclusivity and community engagement in enhancing our public spaces."

Kerri Rennie, Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum (BBPCF) commented, “This will be a great addition to improve and enhance our parks and outdoor spaces, bringing communities together to improve health and wellbeing. Thank you to all who have contributed to bringing this project to life”

Works for the refurbishment are due to commence in the week commencing April 15, 2024, and are expected to last approximately six weeks.

Learn more about parks and open spaces in Bedford Borough at www.bedford.gov.uk/leisure-parks-and-sport.

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