“No two days are the same” says Kirsten during Social Work Week

Kirsten Webber sat at her desk

Being a social worker is a calling like no other. And for Kirsten Webber, it is a career she relishes every day.

We spoke to her as part of Social Work Week, where she explained why she loves the job, and what it takes to be a social worker.

“I’m a people person – I love to have a chat, and I love working with people of all ages,” she said.

“I’ve done just about every job there is when it comes to working with children, and being a social worker is something that has a huge impact on the future of every child you work with.”

While social workers can work with people of all and any ages, Kirsten always knew she wanted to work with children.

And she is nearing the end of her 12 months with the council’s social work academy, as an Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) social worker.

She said; “We all sit together, we all go through this journey together, and we all have a portfolio that we put together over the year to complete our training.

“The management here are excellent – they slowly build up your workload so that you begin with two or three children and increase until you’re looking after the full 18.

“Team Leader Laura Webb is fantastic, she’s so supportive, and will come out on visits with you and to meetings with families. It’s not about spoon-feeding you, but if you need anything she is always available.”

Kirsten admits that being a social worker can be emotionally demanding and draining role, but sometimes it is the “small wins” that can be the most satisfying.

She said; “This is a job where being able to communicate is vital. Sometimes the parents won’t want you there, sometimes they just think you want to take their children away, but we’re there to work with them and offer support.

“You also have to be able to work with children of all ages, whether it’s a baby or a hormonal teenager. No two days are the same – and no two children are the same.”

Kirsten added; “I love being a part of Bedford Borough Council, we’re one big team where everyone knows everyone and everyone supports everyone. Our Director of Children’s Services Harmesh Bhogal will come to the team and talk to everyone, checking in with how they’re doing.

“You get recognition for good work, but we also have our Delightful December Awards, which also have prizes for things like Messiest Team. It can be a hard job, but it’s lovely here too.”

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