Free Green Skills Development Programme for Bedford Borough based businesses and individuals

Group learning

A new free Green Skills Development Programme for businesses and individuals based in Bedford Borough has been launched by Bedford Borough Council.

This project is based on a collaboration between Bedford Borough Council, Deyton Bell, and Sustainable X, who have been commissioned to deliver a programme for new and existing businesses and individuals.

The Bedford Borough Green Skills Development Programme is now open for;

  • businesses with a need to enhance internal capacity for sustainability and green skills
  • individuals with a desire to enhance their knowledge
  • individuals with a desire to shift career into the green economy.

The programme offers five modules and allows participants to choose those that fit their needs best. This could be the completion of all modules that can be assessed, leading to becoming a Bedford Borough Green Champion, or just one module, leading to a CPD certification. All modules will be delivered with either online or in-person workshops depending on the needs of those taking part. 

A Bedford Borough Council spokesperson said, “We are looking forward to supporting local residents and businesses who choose to further develop their Green Skills.” 

Rondi Allan, Sustainable X, said, "We are excited to be part of this initiative to equip Bedford Borough’s businesses and individuals with essential green skills. This programme supports local economic growth and promotes environmental responsibility. 

“The Bedford Borough Green Skills Development Programme offers practical, tailored learning opportunities, helping participants gain valuable knowledge and skills that can make a real difference."

The project is now open. For more information about the programme, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit

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