Week-long campaign to raise alcohol awareness

Various bottles of alcohol

Bedford Borough Council is supporting this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week by talking about alcohol and ensuring we all have a healthy relationship with it. 

As part of the week-long campaign, which runs from Monday 1 July, the charity and campaign group Alcohol Change UK will be shining a light on the role that alcohol plays in our lives.

A Bedford Borough Council spokesperson said; “Alcohol can be a part of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s important to ensure that we are mindful of our intake, and that of the people we care about.

“If you choose to drink alcohol then this week is a great opportunity to check your intake, and consider whether there are changes you could make to improve your health.”

As part of the campaign, Alcohol Change UK has a range of online resources, including interactive tools such as a unit calculator to find out how many units are in a particular drink or to check how much you're drinking, and an alcohol quiz.

And it is also debunking various myths around alcohol, including the misconception that alcohol can help you to sleep better, that it’s harder to have fun without alcohol, that red wine is good for you, and a quiz to test your “drinking personality”. 

Top tips to help you drink less and improve your health

  • Have a few alcohol-free days each week
  • Choose a smaller glass and a lower ABV
  • Try alcohol-free alternatives
  • Keep track of your drinking, such as with the free Try Dry mobile phone app.

Find out more about Alcohol Change UK at https://alcoholchange.org.uk/.

If you are concerned that your drinking or that of a family member or friend may harmful you can get free support and advice from our local alcohol service Path 2 Recovery at https://changeyourtomorrow.co.uk/#areas/elft/pages/Home

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