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Specific groups

Some people are more vulnerable to poor health than others. Evidence suggests that some groups and communities within Bedford Borough have a greater vulnerability to poor health. This arises from the combined effects of deprivation on health with the fact that some groups find services difficult to access.

  • Adults with Autism looks at how we can create an autism friendly community in Bedford Borough.
  • Carers (Adult) looks at the profile of carers in Bedford Borough, identifying their needs in their unpaid caring role.
  • Learning disabilities reports on the link between learning disabilities and poverty, the transition between children and adult care services and how people can access support.
  • Offenders in the community looks at the health inequalities of offenders after their release.
  • Physical disabilities gives you the local picture of moderate to serious physical disabilities and sensory impairment in Bedford Borough.
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults demonstrates how we use the Safeguarding Adult Board with a wide range of agencies, to develop, implement, and monitor work to safeguard vulnerable adults from abuse.