Bedford Borough Council responds to proposals to withdraw Day Travelcards

Bedford Train Station

Bedford Borough Council has responded to proposals from Transport for London (TfL) that could adversely affect many travellers from Bedford to London. TfL is proposing to withdraw Day Travelcards, which offer travel by tube, bus and rail within London.

Travellers from Bedford who currently buy a Day Travelcard with their train ticket will instead have to use other options such as contactless payment, which will often cost more. The Council’s response makes it clear that this proposal will have a negative impact on the residents of Bedford Borough and urges TfL to think again.

Councillor Jim Weir, Portfolio Holder for Environment, Highways, and Transport, said, “It is vital that we stand up for the residents of Bedford Borough and I hope that Transport for London takes the time to fully understand our response.

“I wish to thank the officers involved in putting together a clear and detailed response to this proposal from Bedford Borough Council.”

If the proposal came into place TfL would no longer sell, issue, or accept all adult and child Day Travelcards covering zones 1-9, including Group Day Travelcards, Weekend Travelcards and discounted Day Travelcards bought using National Railcards.

The response from Bedford Borough Council calculates a range of different potential impacts, for various journeys and passengers. People who benefit from railcard discounts, but who cannot put their railcard on an Oyster card, will be hardest hit. Anyone who makes several journeys within London while they are there is also likely to end up paying more.

Commuters who use full season tickets are not affected, and people who do not travel far beyond their destination station within London may also be unaffected.