Moving Traffic Offences consultation

This consultation has now closed.

As part of the Traffic Management Act (2022), the Government will be giving Councils the option to apply for power to enforce against ‘moving traffic offences’. Currently, only the Police can enforce against these offences. 

Bedford Borough Council is considering acquiring these powers and wants to hear the views of local residents, businesses and interested parties.

These powers will enable the Council to expand the work it already does enforcing against illegal and dangerous parking, and misuse of bus lanes. The Council’s Parking Services Team would carry out this enforcement work, as part of their current duties. 

The moving traffic offences would be enforced on all roads across the Borough (except A421 and A1) where the appropriate signing and lining is in place. The offences include one way streets, no U-turn allowed, no left/right turns, no entry, box junctions, as well as areas where cars are not permitted such as cycle lanes, pedestrianised areas and School Streets. 

A full list of the signs for moving traffic offences can be accessed here (PDF).

 We consider that the key benefits of acquiring moving traffic enforcement powers will include: 

  • Improved pedestrian and cyclist safety 
  • Reduced network congestion 
  • Improved journey times for public transport 
  • Improved air quality, reduction in transport related emissions contributing to carbon net zero targets 
  • Increased safety and cleaner air around schools 

How to have your say

We are consulting residents, stakeholders and other interested groups on the proposals. We are particularly interested to hear whether you support or oppose the proposals or whether you have any alternative ideas and suggestions. 

You can let us know your views by 18 March 2022. 


Write to: Traffic Operations, Room 109, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street Bedford MK42 9AP 

Comments should be received by 18 March 2022 and may be published.

What happens next

Responses to the consultation will be considered by the Executive at its meeting on 27 April 2022. Those providing a valid email address will be updated with the outcome, and the decision will be published on the Council's website. 

If approved, the Council will then make a formal application to Government to seek the powers to enforce moving traffic offences with the aim of implementation later in 2022.