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Public toilets

Bedford Borough Council provides a number of public toilets throughout the Borough.

There are two types of toilets for use by the public:

  1. Toilets that are attended by cleansing attendants,some on a roaming rota and others on a 2 hourly visit.
  2. Toilets which clean automatically, where the public pay to use the facility.

'Changing Places' disabled persons' toilet

Bedford's River Street multi-storey car park has a 'Changing Places' disabled persons' toilet. 

'Changing Places' toilets provide a height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, a hoist and plenty of space to meet the requirements of many thousands of people living in the UK today.

Bedford’s ‘Changing Place’ is located on the first parking floor of River Street multi-storey car park.

RADAR toilet key

A RADAR key allows people living with a disability access to use disabled toilet facilities nationwide.

The Royal Association for Disability Rights (RADAR) is a national charity.

They campaign for the rights of the 11 million people in the UK with a lived experience of disability or health conditions.

The Radar key scheme fits into the charity's objectives to promote freedom and choice so disabled people can lead the life they choose.  

Who can get a RADAR key?

There is no requirement to prove details of disability. Parents and carers can apply on behalf of disabled children. Husbands and wives can apply on behalf of each other.  Residents of ‘care homes’ and those consider to have a mental illness can also qualify.

The keys are given on trust that the applicant considers himself / herself or the person they are applying on behalf of to be disabled. The above is the adopted policy by RADAR. 

Charge for RADAR keys

  • New users - £2.50
  • Cost for lost/missing keys - £6

Please note Bedford Borough Council does not accept cheques.

How can I apply for a key?

To apply, you can either download a radar toilet key application form (PDF) or contact us using the details below.

See our RADAR toilet key application notes (PDF).

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