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There is a new walk-in testing centre in Bedford for residents showing symptoms of Coronavirus.

The government has updated its advice on testing. If you have any of the symptoms of coronavirus, you can ask for a test through the NHS website or phone 119.

If you’re an essential worker (see full list) you can apply for priority testing through GOV.UK by following the guidance for essential workers on the government website.

You can also get tested through this route if you have symptoms of coronavirus and live with an essential worker.

You can find further details on testing on the government webpages.

Care home residents and workers

If you think your care home has a coronavirus outbreak but no one has been tested yet, contact your local health protection team. They will carry out the first tests.

For testing in other situations, you should apply for testing kits.

At the moment you can only apply for tests if your care home looks after older people, or people with dementia.

You can apply whether or not any of your residents or staff have coronavirus symptoms.

For information on how to apply for the tests, visit GOV.UK's page on tests for care homes.