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Financial help for residents

The government has announced a new financial package to support those required by law to self isolate.

The new Test and Trace Support Payment is designed to help people on low income who cannot work from home and will lose income if required to self isolate. Find out if you are eligible here.

We understand that many residents may have a lower income at the moment due to lockdown measures related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Financial assistance may be available to you whether you have never claimed benefits before, or if your current benefits are no longer enough.

If you run a business you may be eligible for a business support grant.

Difficulty paying any Council bill or invoice

Please contact us if you are unable to pay any money owed to the Council - we may be able to help. Please see your bill or invoice for how to contact us, or see more information about help with Council Tax.

Help with the cost of Council Tax

Residents on a low income may qualify for money off their Council Tax bill through a Council Tax Support discount.  

Free school meals 

Your child may qualify for free school meals if you receive certain benefits even if the school is closed. 

Universal Credit

If you are getting less work or no work at all due to Coronavirus outbreak (including if you are self employed) you can apply online for Universal Credit.

Problems affording your rent

If a lower income means you cannot pay your rent then you may be able to receive help with the cost through Universal Credit.

Other welfare benefits

See more information from the Government about other types of welfare benefits.

Free advice about money management, dealing with debts, claiming benefits and more

Bedford Citizens Advice can offer free and confidential help with managing your money, dealing with debts and a wide range of other advice.

Visit Bedford Citizens Advice or phone 01234 867944.

Crisis or emergency

if you are on a low income and have an unexpected crisis or an emergency the Council may be able to help with a crisis grant.