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Vulnerable groups and the over 70s

Residents who were previously asked to shield are no longer advised to do so but must continue to follow the rules which apply to everyone. You should also continue to take extra precautions to protect yourself and minimise your risk of exposure to the virus.

You can read this information in large print and other languages here.

If you can’t go out to shop for food or collect your prescriptions, help from family and friends is the best option. If you don’t have friends or family locally, there is still help available and the options are detailed here.

Care homes

The Council’s Adults’ Services teams are working in partnership with care providers across the borough.

In line with national guidelines, care home residents can name individuals for face-to-face visits (following a negative Covid-19 test) as well as outdoor, window, visiting pod and screen visits.

As care homes are unique in their physical layout and the needs of residents vary, each manager has completed an assessment to decide how their care home can best enable visiting. Please contact the home for more information about their visiting arrangements and before you visit.

Dementia and coronavirus

If you are living with, or supporting those with dementia, the Alzheimer's Society has coronavirus information for people affected by dementia including:

  • supporting a person with dementia at home
  • activity ideas for people living with dementia
  • support for a person with dementia living alone
  • supporting a person with dementia from a distance 
  • how the Alzheimer's Society can help