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CDOP information and forms

Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)   

Child Death Overview Panels (CDOPs) are responsible for reviewing information on all child deaths, and are accountable to the LSCB chairs.

The LSCB has responsibility for reviewing the deaths of all children resident in its geographical area and the establishing of a Child Death Overview Panel.

Functions of the CDOP:

  • Collating and analysing information about each death with a view to identifying any case that requires a serious case review
  • Any matters of concern affecting the safety and welfare of children in the area and any wider public health or safety concerns arising from a particular death or patterns of deaths
  • Putting in place procedures for ensuring that there is a co-ordinated response by the authority, its LSCB partners and other persons to an unexpected death.

CDOP contact details

Carol Bloomfield - CDOP Manager


Telephone: 01525 864430 ext: 5878

Working days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday

CDOP procedures and all relevant documents are listed below, to see the document please click on the title of the document you wish to see.

CDOP processes and procedures

Notification forms

Notification form (Form A) for all child deaths to CDOP Manager - Form A

Child Death Overview Panel Data Collection Set (Form B) - Form B

Death of a child with a life long condition (Form B3) - Form B3

Sudden unexpected death in infancy (Form B4) - Form B4

Road Traffic Accident/collision (Form B5) - Form B5

Drowning (Form B6) - Form B6

Fire and Burns (Form B7) - Form B7

Poisoning (Form B8) - Form B8

Other non-intentional injury/accident/trauma (Form B9) - Form B9

Substance Misuse (Form B10) - Form B10

Apparent homicide (Form B11) - Form B11

Apparent suicide (Form B12) - Form B12

CDOP training

A CDOP training sessions are available please contact:

Carol Bloomfield - CDOP Manager

01525 864430 ext 5878

CDOP newsletters

CDOP August 2017 Information sheet

CDOP Annual reports