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Healthy/ unhealthy relationships

Relationships can be confusing. Especially if you really like someone but they do things you're not comfortable with.

Top 6 signs of a good relationship:

  • good communication
  • respecting each other
  • trust
  • honesty
  • both people feeling equal
  • having your own interests.

Childline has some really good information about healthy/unhealthy relationships.

Abuse is not normal and never ok. If you are in a relationship with someone, you should feel loved, safe, respected and free to be yourself. There are different forms of abuse, which you can find out about here, but if your relationship leaves you feeling scared, intimidated or controlled, it’s possible you’re in an abusive relationship.

'This is abuse' campaign is aimed at 13- to 18-year-old boys and girls and encourages teens to rethink their views of violence, abuse, controlling behaviour and sexual abuse and what consent means within their relationships.

The campaign website, which provides support and advice, as well as moderated forums where you can discuss the issues with your peers.