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Review of your care plan

Reviews are regular meetings that bring together those people who are closely concerned with your care, with an opportunity to review your care plan.

There are many ways of getting your views and voice heard:

  • Complete a consultation online or a paper copy
  • Write to your social worker
  • Send an email to your Independent Reviewing Officer
  • Meet an advocate, who can attend the review meeting to share your views (An advocate is someone separate from your social worker to help support you at the meeting and put forward your views. Your social worker can arrange an advocate for you.)
  • Attending your meeting and presenting your views

Review of your care plan

We want you to advise us on:

  • Who you would like to attend your review
  • Decide where and what time you would like the review
  • If you would like to chair your review or part of it
  • What you want to discuss at your review (your agenda)
  • How we can help you achieve your goals.

Your rights

Your Independent Reviewing Officer will inform you about what you need to know about your rights:

  • Your right to seek legal advice
  • Your right to have an advocate
  • Your right to make a complaint