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Starting Well

The Children & Young People JSNA summarises key local needs and services and gives priority areas for delivering better outcomes. The JSNA is divided into three sections and each focuses on the health and wellbeing of the population and highlights health inequalities. 

View the Children and Young people JSNA here.

View a summary document of the Children and Young people JSNA here

The first section is Healthy Pregnancy, which covers the period before the baby is conceived and during pregnancy, including early access to maternity care, smoking in pregnancy and maternal obesity.

The second section is Healthy Birth and Early Years - from the birth to the time they reach school age. This crucial stage of learning and development matters more than any other - ensuring children are ready to learn and thrive. Adverse childhood experiences and trauma, and breastfeeding are included here.

The School-Aged Years is our last section, building on the progress of the early years and preparing our children and young people for life. Wide-ranging subjects have been included here such as excess weight, reducing health-related risk taking behaviours (such as smoking) and mental health.

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