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Starting Well

Starting Well focuses on health and wellbeing from pre-birth to the age of four.

Antenatal and Newborn screening recommends a protocol for screening Hepatitis B positive mothers, improve screening uptakes, improving early access to antenatal and newborn screening so that results are available by 10 weeks.

Breastfeeding covers why promoting breastfeeding has so many health benefits and reduces the cost of healthcare.

Early access to antenatal care looks into why some women are late in getting help until well into their pregnancy. Research tells us early access gives babies the best chance for a healthy life.

Foundation Stage attainment  recommends a refresh of the Early Years Strategy, and a look at how practitioners in health, children’s centres and early years can provide a joined up service so children have a fair chance to succeed at school and later in life.

Maternal mental health identifies some women who miss out on mental health help because they have low to middle post natal depression.

Smoking in pregnancy increases the risks of miscarriage, premature birth, still birth and low birth weight babies. There is a need for maternity health professionals to continue to deliver smoking interventions, take carbon monoxide readings and refer women on to the Stop Smoking Service.