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Public health publications

JSNA annual summary 2019

JSNA annual summary 2019 (PDF) aims to distil the key issues from the JSNA and present the headline priorities. Wherever a phrase appears in bold, the dedicated chapter can be found on the website with all the relevant statistics, evidence and the detailed recommendations listed in full.

Homelessness and health: Director of Public Health Report 2018

The annual Director of Public Health report is an independent report focused on improving the health of the people of Bedford Borough and this year the report focuses on the important topic of homelessness and health. It aims to highlight issues, present evidence and make recommendations to address the public health challenges of homelessness, in order to better prevent homelessness and improve the health of homeless people

English Index of Multiple Deprivation 2019: Bedford Borough summary report

The Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) is the official measure of relative deprivation in England. Find out how Bedford Borough ranked, compared to other local authorities.

Local Insight

Local Insight is a powerful online tool used to find a wide range of facts and figures about Bedford Borough and surrounds.

It uses a standard Google Map to display themes such as population, ethnicity, health and well being, income, crime and socio-economic class.

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments (PNA) are key documents for NHS England as they inform its decisions on applications to open new pharmacies and dispensing appliance contractor premises. 

PNAs inform commissioning of enhanced services from pharmacies by NHS England. Enhanced services are services such as:

  • anti-coagulation monitoring
  • provision of advice and support to residents and staff in care homes in connection with drugs and appliances
  • on demand availability of specialist drugs
  • out of hours services

Where it is deemed that producing a new PNA would be a disproportionate response, supplementary statements to the PNA will be produced, which will identify the nature of the changes to services.

On 14 March 2018, the Bedford Borough Health and Wellbeing Board approved the Bedford Borough Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018.

Children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) aged 0 to 25

SEND JSNA - Joint strategic needs assessment (PDF)

Aiming for the best for children, young people and families in Bedford Borough: Director of Public Health Report 2016

The Director of Public Health’s report shines a light on a different aspect of health and wellbeing in Bedford Borough. This report focuses on our most important asset: our children and young people. It sets out the key local issues and makes a series of evidence-based recommendations.

Aiming for the best for children, young people and families in Bedford Borough: Director of Public Health Report 2016 (PDF)

Children and young people's health and wellbeing

A needs assessment for Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Councils, focussing on prevention, early intervention and access to services July 2019 (PPT)

Bedford Borough Health Profile 2016

It provides a picture of the health of people in Bedford Borough, and will support Bedford Borough Council and Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group to understand the health needs of the whole community so that we can work together to improve people's health and reduce health inequalities.

Patients have the right to object to their data being shared. Read more information on data protection.

The 2016 Health Profile for Bedford Borough was produced by Public Health England in September 2016.

JSNA Summary- June 2017

The JSNA Summary Report, agreed by the Health and Wellbeing Board on 7 June 2017, provides a brief summary of the wealth of information about health and wellbeing needs and outcomes available on the main JSNA website. 

It is designed to identify and flag key pieces of information about the health and wellbeing needs of people who live in Bedford Borough and about local inequalities in health for specific population groups.

It does not have the depth of information needed to support planning of services – which is available in the detailed documents on the JSNA website. Its aim is to contain enough information to help identify strategic priorities for health and wellbeing in the Borough.

Download the JSNA Summary here (PDF)

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