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JSNA Introduction

The Bedford Borough Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is a local assessment  of current and future health and social care needs.

The data and intelligence within the JSNA is  used to inform and develop the locally agreed health and wellbeing priorities within the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  

The JSNA must therefore be inclusive of the health and care needs of the whole local population, including children and young people, people in vulnerable circumstances and those with complex needs.

The JSNA process and the commissioning cycle

Bedford Borough’s JSNA includes a range of quantitative and qualitative evidence looking at specific groups (such as those likely to have poor health outcomes), as well as wider issues that affect health such as crime, community safety, education, skills, planning etc.

The information within the JSNA is essential to establish:

  • the needs of the whole community including how needs vary for people at different ages, and may be harder to meet for those in disadvantaged areas or vulnerable groups who experience inequalities, such as people who find it difficult to access services
  • the wider social, environmental and economic factors that impact on health and wellbeing - such as access to green space, air quality, housing, community safety, employment