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Healthy People Healthy Places

Bedford Borough is now home to an estimated 171,600 people, based on 2018 mid-year estimates.

Details of population, ethnicity, religion and belief can be found in the Bedford Borough Profile (PDF), produced by the Local Insight tool.

These reports are in PDF format unless otherwise specified.

Healthy people

  • Births and deaths contains information that tracks births and deaths from 2001 to 2014.
  • Infant mortality compares Bedford Borough with overall rates of infant mortality in England, and what groups are most at risk.
  • Life expectancy reports on average life expectancy for men and women and what reduces or influences variance in life expectancy.
  • Migration estimates the profile of migrants to Bedford Borough using National Insurance Number registrations and 2011 Census data.

Healthy places

  • Active travel encourages use of walking and cycling as a way of increasing physical activity which has health benefits.
  • Air quality improvements are important to health. This report includes what pollutants make up air pollution and comparisons to local air quality, UK and European standards.
  • Climate change and adaptation outlines why climate change is one of the biggest threats to health in the 21st Century.
  • Deprivation is determined from a complex set of reasons that are often intertwined. This report sets out where Bedford Borough is on the scale of deprivation compared to the rest of England.
  • Economic wellbeing
  • Housing this report links poor quality housing and our ability to live independently to the detrimental impact on our health
  • Natural environment like parks, trees and countryside contribute to good wellbeing because they are free to access and are a positive setting to physical, outdoor activity.
  • Planning evidences the recent link between planning and good health. Good quality, affordable housing helps to shape healthy communities.


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