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Address and contact details

Kempston Centre
Carnell Close
Off Williamson Road
MK42 7HP

Tel: 01234 718326


Ask for the Unit Manager or a member of the Senior Team

Main purpose

Bedford Day Opportunity Services at the Kempston Centre provides a range of day opportunities to people who have learning disabilities and complex needs that require supervised staff support. The Kempston Centre can accommodate the needs of people with multiple disabilities and have specialist personal care facilities on site.

All staff work in a person-centred way. This enables individuals to have an informed choice on the activities that they participate in during the day.  Kempston Centre is part of the Multi Disciplinary Team working with other agencies for example, Physiotherapy Team, Sensory Department and Health Team.

What we offer

We provide a wide range of stimulating sessions. Activities available include sensory relaxation, community access, making greeting cards, arts and crafts, woodwork, running a coffee shop, a catering project, gardening and many more. 

Individuals are encouraged to participate in Advocacy Groups which are facilitated by our POhWER advocacy services and topics are fed back into the Adult Learning Disability Partnership Board. This enables people to participate with the decision making process and the future of their Service.

More information about the Centre

For information about the Centre we welcome any enquiries by either contacting us directly or calling at Reception. An informal visit can be arranged with any member of the Management Team at the Centre.

Referrals for day care places are negotiated through the Care Management Process.

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