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What support do I get?

We make sure you are fully supported as a foster carer and won’t be expecting you to go it alone.

We provide you with:

  • a supervising social worker who will provide regular supervision and contact, and who will also support you at meetings about the child in you care
  • a ‘buddy’ foster carer who can provide advice and guidance
  • regular training opportunities, including mandatory training that you must attend
  • regular support groups where you can meet other foster carers and share experiences
  • a regular newsletter packed full of information and resources
  • allowances for the child/young person to cover costs whilst they are in your care
  • a fee for you
  • activities for your own children (if you have them)

There is also Bedfordshire Foster Care Association, which is a useful resource and who run regular events and activities.

Want to find out more? Call us on 01234 718718 or email