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What skills do I need?

Boy playing guitarYou may feel you don’t have any relevant skills, but although childcare experience would be useful, unless you are a Tier 3 carer it is not essential.  

If you go ahead with the assessment process, you will discover that you have plenty of skills and experience that will be really beneficial as a foster carer.

We do ask you to be able to:

  • protect and care for the child/young person as if they were your own
  • encourage them at school, helping with homework
  • support existing hobbies and encourage new ones
  • support their friendships and encourage social skills
  • listen to them and act as an advocate
  • ensure contact arrangements are met
  • be part of the team involved in making plans for their future (includes attending meetings)
  • be committed to developing your own skills and knowledge
  • attend mandatory and core training

To become a foster carer, you will be assessed in accordance with the Fostering Regulations and National Minimum Standards.

We can discuss this with you in more detail. Call us on 01234 718718 or email