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Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)   

Each death of a child is a tragedy for his or her family, and subsequent enquiries/investigations should keep an appropriate balance between forensic and medical requirements and the family’s need for support.

A minority of unexpected deaths are the consequence of abuse or neglect or are found to have abuse or neglect as an associated factor.

Across Luton and Bedfordshire, all statutory agencies are committed to working together to conduct coordinated enquiries.

The Bedfordshire CDOP has been set up by Child Death Review (CDR) Partners, the Police, Bedford and Luton CCG; Bedford Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Borough Council to review the deaths of children under the requirements of the Children Act, 2004 and Working Together to Safeguard Children, 2018.

Child death review partners currently have two designated doctors for child deaths (one for Bedfordshire and one for Luton), who will be members of the multi-agency panel to review the child deaths. The designated doctors for child deaths are senior paediatricians who will take a lead role in the review process.

The multi-agency panel is chaired by a Director of Public Health and CDOP partners will publish regular reports on how effective the arrangements for child deaths have been in practice.

A review of governance has been considered. Annual reports will continue to be shared at the local MASA meetings. Consideration has been given to ensure close collaboration with the work of the Local Maternity Transformation Board (LMS).

CDOP contact details

Sandra Watts, CDOP and Quality Assurance Co-Ordinator, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Tel: 07909 907539
Secure email:

Working hours: Monday to Thursday: 8am to 5pm. Alternate Fridays: 8am to 3.30pm


Please complete a Death Notification here. Please only complete a notification form if you are registering a death for the first time.

Policy and guidance

Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) Policy and Guidance 2019

Annual report

CDOP Annual report 2020-21 (PDF)


Free CDOP Training

Would you like to know more about the Child Death Overview Process, emerging themes from the review of child deaths and your role if a baby/child known to you as a GP, nurse, midwife, health visitor, health care professional or social worker dies either expectedly or unexpectedly?

Aim of session: Increase knowledge and awareness of the Child Death Overview Process and your role when a child known to you dies.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the purpose of the CDOP
  • Outline your role in response to unexpected deaths
  • Have an understanding of emerging themes
  • How these emerging themes will be integrated into your practice.

Sessions facilitated by Lead Paediatrician CDOP Bedfordshire, CDOP Manager and Bedfordshire Police.

For more information and to book a place for the sessions please see the contact details above.