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School transport policy

Find out how children and young people may be entitled to receive free or subsidised transport to school.

Parents and carers should read the relevant policy carefully prior to making any decision regarding a school or college placement for their child, if the provision of school or college transport is an important factor in their decision making process.

Free home to school transport to Renhold Primary School 

Please note that from 1st September 2020, free home to school transport will no longer be provided from the Aspire, The Spires and Cranborne Gardens estates to Renhold Primary School. This means that if you reside in those areas and your child attends Renhold Primary School, you will need to make your own arrangements for ensuring your child attends school.

If you have already submitted an application for Renhold Primary School for starting school in September 2020 and now wish to change your preferences for your school place for your child, the last day to do so is 20th February 2020. You can do this by putting your request in writing to the Schools Admissions Team at

Statutory school age transport for 2019/20 academic year

For statutory school age pupils and will come into effect at the start of the 2017/18 academic year.  All pupils transferring school in September 2017 will be assessed in accordance with this policy document.

Post statutory school age transport for 2019/20 academic year

For post statutory school age (Post 16) pupils and will come into effect at the start of the 2017/18 academic year.

This policy was approved by Executive on 8th March 2017

Special educational needs and disability (SEND)

This policy applies to children and young people with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan.

SEND Statutory School Age and Post Statutory School Age Transport Policy (PDF)

Alternative education provision transport policy

This policy is for pupils attending alternative education provisions such as the Pupil Referral Unit.

Alternative Education Provision Transport Policy (PDF)

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