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Bedford Borough Council proposed admission arrangements 2021

Bedford Borough Council is publishing its proposed admission arrangements for September 2021. The Council is not required to consult on its admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools, nor its co-ordinated schemes for admission for the next seven years, unless any changes are proposed to those arrangements.

As there are no changes proposed that require consultation this is not a formal consultation. The proposed admission arrangements are set in the documents linked to this webpage.

Admissions criteria

Admission numbers

  • The Local Authority is only required to consult on changes to Admission Numbers where a reduction is proposed. No reductions are proposed for 2021.
  • Please follow the link to view the admission numbers for all community and voluntary controlled schools.
  • If any foundation or voluntary aided schools or academies are proposing any changes those changes will be published on the individual school / academy website.

Co-ordinated admission schemes

There are no changes to the co-ordinated schemes for admissions apart from the relevant dates and phases of education.

Co-Ordinated Scheme for Admissions to Upper Schools, Upper Phase Academies, Secondary Schools and Secondary Free Schools

Co-Ordinated Scheme for Admissions to Middle, Primary, Lower Schools and Middle and Lower Phase Academies


No changes are proposed to the catchment areas or the relevant area for admissions. The relevant area will continue to cover the administrative area of Bedford Borough Council.

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