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Special Education Needs

We can assist schools and other professionals in providing for issues relating to pupils with special educational needs and other vulnerable groups. To assist schools in raising the attainment and progress of vulnerable groups we offer a wide range of high quality:

  • consultancy, practical advice and guidance concerning effective policy, leadership, improvement planning and provision at a whole school and at a more individualised level
  • support and advice to develop assessment, intervention, personalised teaching and learning strategies and resources - in addition we can provide staff training and development activities
  • audits of provision, for example, pre-Ofsted with follow-up advice and guidance
  • practitioner groups and training for lead teachers/coordinators and other professionals
  • bespoke packages to cater for individual school circumstances and priorities

We work in collaboration with the Psychology and Advisory Support Team, the University of Bedfordshire and other agencies both local, regional and national. 

Get in touch

For further details of the range of services we offer or to discuss any individual requirements please contact Pam Heath:


Tel: 01234 276559