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Post 16 Study Programmes

Post-16 schools, colleges and work-based learning providers are responsible for planning the delivery of study programmes from September 2013.

The aim of the 16-19 Study Programmes is to maximise the potential of young people to progress onto higher education and/or skilled employment by ensuring that vocational routes to higher education and employment are seen as high quality and a genuine alternative to academic routes. This will be achieved through the following three objectives:

  • Improving the value of post-16 qualifications so that higher numbers of students achieve high-quality and valuable vocational qualifications which enable progression to higher levels of study and skilled employment;
  • Raising standards in post-16 English and mathematics so that higher numbers of students study English and mathematics (level 2) and work towards achieving GCSE A*-C in these subjects;
  • Improving young people’s employability skills by increasing the number of students who experience the workplace and participate in other activity of value which does not necessarily lead to qualifications but enables progression into employment.

The Department for Education (DFE) guidance can be found here (PDF)