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14-19 Services

Our 14-19 Team has a passion and proven experience in offering a variety of services for education providers.

Our 14-19 Team can offer the following services to education providers. These services are not limited to Bedford Borough training providers and can therefore be accessed out of area.

14-19 Quality Assurance

  • Evaluate the current position of 14-19 provision in schools
  • Measure the progress in the development of 14-19 provision in schools
  • Identify and prioritise the activities needed to develop 14-19 provision
  • Support the completion of the schools SEF
  • Development of curriculum in line with changing national policy and local need/opportunity.

Additional services include:

  • 16-19 Finance consultation
  • 2-6 days per year depending upon the Ofsted rating for the Sixth Form and/or indications from
  • ALPS (A Level Performance Statistics) or Key Stage 4 data

If you are interested in finding out about any of these services, contact

Carrie Traill: Telephone 01234 276585 or email