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What Parents Say About Us

What parents have said they like about our support:

"I am very happy with SEND Advice's support. I wish they were recommended to me before. I would definitely recommend this service to other parents"

"Talking with someone who understands the process and was able to advise me about the best route to take."

“I found the whole experience with the school very emotional. I was really in a panic because I felt I was not being heard by the school. I got advice as well as enough tools to be able to approach the school confidently."

“I appreciated speaking to someone who was prepared to listen.”

"Knowing that someone is available to attend school meetings if required."

"They help people who are struggling to work out what to do, and where to go for help."

"Made you feel like you were not on your own."

“I had someone to talk to, to give advice on my son, who wasn’t connected to the school.”

“The thing that helped me most was knowing that SEND Advice are independent and have an unbiased view.”

“SEND Advice staff are understanding and helped me get the correct information.”

Survey Results

In our recent survey of parents' views carried out in February 2015, we were given the following parental satisfaction scores. Download the results (Word, 595KB)