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Confidential and Impartial

SEND Advice Service confidentiality

All information you share is treated confidentially. There may be occasions where it would be beneficial to share information with schools and other services. We will discuss this with you and this will only happen with your consent.

The only reason information will be passed on without your permission is if there is a legal requirement or duty for us to do this.

What information do we hold about your child?

SEND Advice will keep some written information about your child i.e. name, address, contact details etc. We will also record information following our contact with you. If you would like to see the information held, you can arrange this with the SEND Advice Co-ordinator.

You can view our SEND Advice Confidentiality Policy here (Word, 82KB)

SEND Advice Service impartiality

The service offered to all service users is impartial, all parties involved in discussions will be treated equally and given access to factual information to inform the decision making process. All staff have job descriptions which state they must ensure advice, information and support provided to parents/carers is impartial.

The SEND Advice Service takes part in negotiations and discussions with schools and the Local Authority on behalf of parents/carers and in doing so represent the perspectives and wishes of the parent/carer. This is only done with the prior permission of parents.

Independent Supporters, trained by the SEND Advice Service, help ensure that the decision making processes of the local authority take account of the parental perspective, but they do not have a vested interest in the outcome of any discussions.

​You can view our SEND Advice Impartiality Policy here (Word, 83KB)