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Parental support

The parental support section will inform you about the support and services available to parents and carers..

The SEND advice service

The SEND advice service offers free, confidential information and support to parents/carers of children who have, or may have, special educational needs and disabilities. The service helps parents/carers take an active and informed part in their child's education.

Family Information Service

Use the Family Information Service to find childcare, youth clubs, sport and leisure activities, family support groups or services for children with a disability  - in fact, any service which will help you in your family life.

Home schooling (EHE)

Parents and carers have a legal responsibility to make sure that their children receive an education. They may choose to educate their children at home rather than at school. The law makes the local authority (Bedford Borough Council) responsible for ensuring the education given to children at home is suitable. Read more about home schooling (also known as Elective Home Education or EHE).

School admissions

The school admissions service covering Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire can provide you with advice on the admissions process and inform you which schools in these areas have places available. They can be contacted on (01234) 718120 or by email

Free school meals

The Education Welfare Service administers free school meals in the Bedford Borough area. You can find out if you qualify by visiting the free school meals section.

School travel

Visit our school travel initiatives section to find out more about safer routes to schools, school travel plans, school car sharing and pooling, as well as other school travel related matters.

School governors

Every school in Bedford Borough has its own governing body which is made up of staff from the school, parents and members of the public who are committed to serving the best interests of the school and contributing to the school's efforts in raising standards.

You can visit the school governors section to find out more about school governing bodies and governors.