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Education Supervision Orders (ESOs)

The Education Welfare Service can apply for an Education Supervision Order. This can be in addition to or instead of a prosecution. An application for an ESO is heard in the Family Proceedings Court.

ESOs enable Education Welfare Officers to direct parents and the child to co-operate with plans to make sure the child is appropriately educated.

Before an order is applied for, the Education Welfare Service must consult the parents, the children and all appropriate children’s services departments. The Court must agree that an ESO is in the best interests of the child.

The first Order is for one year. Extensions can be requested which may be up to three years at a time. These extensions are possible up until the time the child leaves school.

ESOs encourage parents and children to work in partnership with the Education Welfare Officers. If parents do not, they can be taken back to Court and fined. Cases can be referred to the Social and Community Care Department to make investigations.