£150 Council Tax FAQs

I don’t have my access code yet. How can I get it?

The access code is a 2-step process to prevent fraud and reduce the need for other identity documents to be uploaded.  Both the Council Tax number and the access code need to be sent separately. Therefore, you need to wait for the code to be sent to you- you cannot phone or email to request it. The code can only be sent by post, or by email if you had previously signed up for paperless billing.

If you have not received the access code through the post, you can request for it to be resent by contacting 150energy@bedford.gov.uk.

I don’t remember my Council Tax Number. How can I get it?

Your Council Tax number is on your Council Tax bill, or available via your online account, if you had previously signed up. If you have mislaid it, you can request it to be posted to you- you cannot request to be told it over the over phone or by email due to the 2-step security process required to receive the payment, unless we hold sufficient information about you for you to prove your identity in another way. For example, we have your NI number as you are receiving Council Tax benefits and you can confirm what it is over the phone.

What happens if I don’t apply for the £150 payment?

If you do not apply for the payment it will be credited to your Council Tax account in September.

My bank account is overdrawn. How can I stop the payment being used for that?

You have the right to tell the bank how you want the payment to be used so it isn’t used to clear your overdraft. You need to contact your bank in writing before the £150 energy payment is made. It is called your ‘first right of appropriation’. When you make a 'first right of appropriation' request, your bank can make a decision to either freeze your account and/or remove an overdraft facility if you have one. You need to make sure that you can manage either or both of these situations before you make the request.

I have received a payment to which I don’t think I’m entitled

If your circumstances changed on or before 1 April 2022, which means you are no longer entitled or you believe our records were incorrect, please contact us at 150energy@bedford.gov.uk. Where changes relating to the liable Council Tax payer or residents’ circumstances are updated retrospectively, we will require payments to be repaid if the household is no longer eligible.

My household circumstances have changed

If information about the Council Tax valuation list, liable Council Tax payer or residents’ circumstances as of 1 April 2022 has changed please contact us at 150energy@bedford.gov.uk so we can update our records. 

My property is new/ my Council Tax band has changed

The effective date for the energy bills payment is 1 April 2022.

If you were living in a new-build home on 1 April 2022 that had not yet been banded, we will decide whether you are eligible for a rebate after your property has been banded by the Valuation Office Agency. If your property is subsequently placed in band A to D as of 1 April 2022 and all eligibility criteria are met, we will make a rebate payment to your household.

Joint tenants

Government guidance states that one payment of £150 should be made to each household regardless of the number of liable Council Tax payers. We will not split the £150 payment between joint tenants.

When will I get paid my £150?

All direct debits for straight-forward cases were made by 20 May. People who pay by direct debit and whose names on their bank account and council tax account do not match have been written to. People who complete the form will be paid approximately 2 weeks after the form has been completed.

What name do we use to apply if there is more than one person’s name on the bill/letter?

You can use any name that is listed on the bill/letter to apply, but the bank account details supplied must match the name of the person applying.

What happens if I have lost my access code?

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply the access code to you over the phone, due to security risks.  

Please email us at 150energy@bedford.gov.uk and remember to include your Council Tax account number and your name and address. We will arrange for a copy of your access code to be sent to you by letter. If your original access code was emailed to you, and it has not been received, we will arrange for a letter to be posted to you instead. Please allow up to 10 working days for the letter to be delivered.

Why I am getting an error message when I try and apply?

Please ensure you enter you name exactly as it is spelt on your Council Tax bill, sometimes we may have spelt your name incorrectly but it needs to be entered the same way as it appears on the bill for us to confirm it is the correct person applying. Even if you name is spelt wrong, please enter it as it appears on the Council Tax bill and then notify us separately if you would like us to change the spelling of your name for future correspondence.

If I applied for the Household Support Grant (for those entitled to full Council Tax Support) do I need to reapply for the £150 Council Tax energy payment?

Yes, you will need to apply for the £150 Council Tax energy payment separately, please use the access code provided on your letter or email to apply.