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Publications list

The Planning Service publishes a range of local planning documents, design briefs and topic guidance, which assists the making and determination of planning applications. 
As well as the previous identified, there are a number of other documents which may be relevant when undertaking personal research and planning histories such as the conservation area plans and other policy documents.

Price list

All digital downloads are free.
If you would like a paper copy, the prices are listed below. The second price denotes extra cost for postage.
You can buy documents by sending a letter, with a cheque for the correct amount (made out to ‘Bedford Borough Council’). 

Local Plan documents

Allocations and Designations Local Plan (2013) £10/ £11

  • Allocations and Designations Plan for Submission £2.50/£3.50
  • Allocations and Designations Plan for Submission Map Book £2.50/£3.50
  • Allocations and Designations Plan Consultation Draft (May 2010) £2.50/£3.50
  • Allocations and Designations Plan Draft Map Book £2.50/£2.50
  • Bedford Town Centre Area Action Plan (October 2008) £12
  • Bedford Town Centre Area Action Plan Submission Version (July 2006) £2/£2.50
  • Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan (April 2008) £5/£5.50
  • Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan Submission Version (July 2006) £2/£2.50
  • Bedford Borough Local Plan (2002) (without maps) 
  • Bedford Borough Policies Map (interactive version available) £20/£21

Supplementary Planning Documents

Development briefs

Design guides

Other policy documents (including SPGs)

A Strategy for Marston Vale Partnership - view only

Conservation areas

  • (original information booklets and maps unless otherwise stated)
  • Elstow Conservation Area Appraisal £5.57/£8.07
  • Bedford Conservation Area Appraisal (CD)  £3/£4.50
  • Bedford Conservation Area Maintenance and Repair Guide Free
  • Bedford (map only, August, 1985) Free
  • Great Barford (October, 1989) £2.25/£2.75
  • Kempston (1975) £0.50/£1
  • Swineshead (1987) and amended map August 2003* £1/£1.50
  • Thurleigh (1976) and amended map August 2003* £1/£1.50
  • Upper Dean (January, 1987) £1/£1.50

* Please note: Other Conservation Area revised maps (only) from August 2003 are available online, including: Carlton, Pavenham, Riseley, and Roxton

Bedford urban capacity study

  • Executive Summary £5
  • Report (excluding appendix G) £250
  • Appendix G (including maps) £250

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