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Planning applications and pre-planning enquiries

Issues to be assessed

When assessing planning applications and pre-planning enquiries the Highway Development Control team must take into account the following:

  • Impact of the proposal on highway safety
  • Compliance with highway design standards, both local and national
  • Existing and future capacity of the local highway network 
  • Accessibility of the site by all modes of transport and policyobjectives
  • Parking for non-motorised and motorised vehicles
  • Mitigation measures in relation to any impacts
  • Travel plans

It is therefore important that these issues as addressed as fully as possible in any application. Larger applications may require a Transport Statement or Transport Assessment to be submitted. 

As part of assessing suitability of development proposals the Highways Development Control team is responsible for securing developer funding for off-site highway infrastructure improvements as well as measures such as traffic calming, footway/cycleway provision and public transport services.

Sources of free information

Please use the information on the these pages (see menu and links) as your initial source of information. 

Further transport information you may need when preparing a planning application including public transport, cycle routesand park and ride details is also available from Travel Bedford

Enquires about specific proposals

Specific or detailed highways/transport related planning enquiries can be sent in via the Development Management planning department pre-application advice service for which charges may apply.

New development in Controlled Parking Zones

It should be noted that there are a number of areas in the Bedford Borough which have controlled parking zones (CPZs). Developers should note that permits for the CPZs will not be issued for occupiers of new developments or conversions due to the existing demand for such permits. Further information on this can be found via the Parking Shop.

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