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Types of applications

If you need Building Regulations approval, there are three types of application, the Full Plans application (Word, 111KB), the Building Notice application (Word, 109KB) and the Regularisation application (Word, 3.024MB).

Full plans application

This Application can be used for all works that have not already started.

With this type of application you submit the Full Plans application form (Word, 111KB) together with the appropriate charge and two copies of the scaled plans and specification showing exactly how your proposal will be constructed.

The plans are then checked within the statutory time scale, against the standards required by the Building Regulations. After the checking process if there are any amendments to be made they are requested at an early stage. If there are no amendments to be made or satisfactory amendments have been received the application will be approved.

The fee for the application is paid in two instalments. You will need to pay an initial Plan charge when the application is submitted and the remaining Inspection charge will be invoiced to you when the work starts. 

Building notice applications

This Application can not be used for non-residential buildings or where work has already started.

With this type of application you are only required to submit a Building Notice application form (Word, 109KB), a block plan and the appropriate charge. The services of a designer are not essential, although we may well request further details of your proposal.

There is no formal checking of this type of application and no approval, so we recommend that this type of application is only used where the works are straight forward and the builder has an in-depth knowledge of the Building Regulation requirements.

The total Building Notice charge has to be paid when the application is submitted and the Building Control charges for a Building Notice application are generally more expensive than a Full Plans application because Building Control Officers will generally need to spend more time on site.

Regularisation applications

Sometimes work is carried out without the benefit of approval or inspection from the Building Control team. When this happens you can apply for a Regularisation Certificate (Word, 3.024MB).

Building Control will need to make sure the works comply with the relevant regulations before it can issue the Regularisation Certificate. It may be necessary for some work to be exposed for inspection. Where structural work has been undertaken you may need to provide calculations from a Structural Engineer.

The total Regularisation charge has to be paid when the application is submitted.

If you are still not sure as to which application you need to use please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Building Control


Tel: 01234 718081

Building Control
Bedford Borough Council
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

Please note that the works you are proposing may need other approvals. We recommend that you contact Development Services to ascertain if Planning Permission or Listed Building Consent is required.

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