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Useful information and advice

Use of the roads for the majority of us, either as a driver, rider or pedestrian is an everyday part of our lives. But how many of us realise that for the majority of us it is also the most dangerous part of our lives. In 2011 over 1,000 people died on the UK's roads. In 2011 6 people lost their lives on the road in Bedford Borough; 54 were seriously injured, and many more were slightly injured due to traffic collisions.

There are 3 "E"s used to make the roads safer. They are:

  • Engineering: where physical features are designed into new roads or existing road layouts are modified to reduce the likelihood of collisions.
  • Enforcement: which is the role of the police and other government agencies such as VOSA (Vehicle and Operators Standards Agency)who ensure that the laws relating to the roads are obeyed.
  • Education: where the Road Safety Team along with our partners and other stakeholders seek to inform road users of the "right" thing to do to keep themselves safe.

The advice and information contained on the following pages is provided to help you to make the right decisions to stay safe on the roads.